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Hey all,

Long time no see. 

I more or less left dA about a year ago to pursue my writing more seriously. As I stepped out into the bright sunlight and open expanses of the publishing world I was dismayed to see that, in spite of the incredible tools and technology available to writers in terms of both creation and distribution of our work, there were really only two paths available through the wilderness: traditional publishing, or doing everything by yourself. Perhaps it was my time here at dA that skewed my sensibilities, but I thought there should be more sense of community — more working together. There was no such thing in the world.

So I built it.

I've spent the last year building what I call a collaborative publishing platform. It's called the Anthology Club, and at the moment it focuses on collections of flash and short fiction, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way new writers of all formats start their careers. The idea is relatively simple:

  • Senior members (those with two or more published stories) can propose anthologies.
  • Everyone else (including senior members) can submit stories to the anthology
  • The member who proposed the anthology acts as the editor for the project
    • They accept, ask for edits, or reject as they see fit
  • When they are happy with the collection they pass it on to me
    • I do a copy edit, make any final editing suggestions, arrange cover art, etc.
  • After all is said and done, the book goes up on Amazon and Smashwords under the Anthology Club imprint
Revenue is split as follows:
  • 15% for the club
  • 5% for the editor
  • 80% split between contributing writers per number of stories contributed
    • if you contribute 2 out of 10 stories you'll receive 2/10 of the 80%, or 17% of all royalties
    • If an editor contributes 2 of 10 stories, she will receive 22% (17% + 5%)
The idea is to provide a middle ground between doing everything yourself and begging some entrenched industry muppet to let you tell your stories. With the Anthology Club we get the outside editing, skill building, growth, and sense of community that's sorely lacking with most self-published work, without being as exclusive as the traditional outlets.

At the moment, we have one anthology in final edits, and 8 projects open for submissions. The themes for the open anthologies are; LitFic (based on life), classic pirates, summer flash fiction, Shakespeare (adaptation of his work, or the man himself), Dragons (reinvent them), silly stories, horror (possession and madness themed), and western. There are always more projects being added, as well.

If you feel like you want to start taking your writing more seriously, but aren't prepared to or interested in doing it all yourself, head over to for more information. Sign up and check out the forums, and yes, of course it's free - you should get paid to write, not the other way around.
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Submitted on
January 26, 2014